TBR Tuesday: December 2021

By: Mariah Brown

All of these books are on my list to be read. Some I will read sooner than others.

Grimm: Daughter of a Curse by J. R. White is an ARC that I received, and I cannot wait to read it.

Curse of the Fallen by H. C. Newell is an ARC that I received.

Hallowed Trail by Alyssa Lynn is another ARC that is on my TBR list.

Dream Shatter by Ann Hunter is a book that I cannot wait to read. It is also an ARC.

Killing Floor by Lee Child is a book I cannot wait to read. I just got it, and my family has been driving me crazy to read it.

Swords of Deception by Rowan Staeffler is another book on my list that is an ARC, and I have read a snippet out of it and am excited about the rest of the book.

These are just a few of my books on my to be read list. If you have any other suggestions of books that I need to add, please let me know! I love reading new books and new authors.

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