Cait’s Review of “Captive” by Melissa A. Craven

By: Cait Marie


They claim he is an addict. His drug of choice is his power.

They say his rigid self-control is the only thing that will save him. 

Four years ago, a single moment of distraction cost Quinn Loukas his freedom. 

Held as a captive of the Immortal organization known as Soma, the power that seduces him is now in the hands of another. If Livia discovers what he is truly capable of, she will turn him into the monster Quinn fears is lurking deep inside his soul. His only hope is to escape before she has that chance. But there are others at Soma. Those he’s grown to care for and refuses to leave behind.

Thousands of miles away in India, Sasha blames herself for the capture of the boy she’s loved nearly all her life. As she and her family work to bring Quinn home, Sasha is caught up on a journey of her own that will take her far from everything she ever thought she wanted. Drafted by the Senate into a brutal training program, Sasha begins to discover who she truly is and how little control she has over her own destiny.

Sasha and Quinn have always shared a special bond, but with their lives moving in opposite directions can they ever go back to the way they were?

Or is there something much more complicated about the future of their relationship?

Fans of dark fantasy, twisty plots, and romance will devour this series. Scroll up and one-click now!


This book takes place simultaneously with Judgement, which I reviewed here, but I’d still read this one third.

I’ve been loving this series, but this book absolutely blew me away. It’s my favorite so far.

I will admit, I was wary going into it. I’m not usually a fan of series switching POVs to completely different characters for an entire book, but this one worked so well. I quickly fell in love with Sasha and Quinn, as well as Santi and Jayesh.

The story was so well developed, and the world was expanded beautifully. It’s so complex! I can only imagine the amount of work Craven put into the timelines alone. The way everything comes together, lining up with the end of Judgment, was clever. More than that, it made me extremely eager for the next book!

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of sad the next one isn’t focused on Sasha and Quinn still, but they’re definitely still part of the story, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

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