Cait’s ARC Review of “Scarlet Princess” by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

By: Cait Marie

Goodreads Blurb

A reckless princess. An enemy kingdom. A mistake that could cost her everything.

Rowan has always known her place in the world and exactly who she is: a princess of Lochlann. That is, until a series of missteps land her in the hands of her enemies. Now, she’s an outsider being forced to reconsider everything she thought she knew.

When her relationship with her captor takes an unexpected turn, she must figure out if centuries of animosity between their two lands is more than they can overcome, or if the Socairans might be able to accept her as one of their own.

If she’s not careful, her choices very well could bring war to the people she’s sworn to protect…

This enthralling story from the Lochlann Realm takes place after The Lochlann Treaty, but can be devoured and enjoyed all on its own. Fans of SHADOW AND BONE and OUTLANDER will fall in love with this new series!


*I received a free advanced copy of this book for my honest review.

I’m super late with this review, but oh my gosh, THIS BOOK!

These two authors continue to just blow me away. I loved The Lochlann Treaty series, so I was eager to jump into this spin-off. And let me tell you… it did not disappoint.

In this new book, we’ve got Princess Rowan, who is every bit the sassy, fierce character I’d hoped she’d be. Then, there’s Lord Theodore, who is quiet and serious, but he can’t help being drawn toward the princess he’s holding captive. These two are precious. I love the friendship that develops, and their banter is just… *chef’s kiss.*

However, when they get to the Summit, where Rowan will be judged for her crimes by all the clans’ leaders, we meet Lord Evander. He’s dark and mysterious, an absolute jerk, and apparently more evil than his horrible father… so you know I love him. Y’all, I think I have a problem. Despite Rowan and Theo being adorable together, my ridiculous brain saw Evander’s attitude and secretiveness, and it immediately said, “SHIP!”

Anyways… this book is wonderful. I loved seeing more of this world and its different cultures. It was beautifully written, with its world-building descriptions. The characters were well developed, and everything just felt so natural.

I highly, highly recommend this book. I’m eager to start the next one and have a feeling I’m going to devour it.

These books can be read even if you haven’t read The Lochlann Treaty series (though, I recommend it too). There are details from that series that appear, but you won’t be confused jumping straight into this one. It will, however, spoil things from the other series, so if you plan on reading both, I’d start with Winter’s Captive.

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