The Crazy Eights: Black Ops 888

Author: William Pierre & Cinque
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Joseph “Spade” Spader, Pamela “Smoke” Prescott, Christopher “Eight-Ball” Chen, Cornelius “The Hammer” Brown, Chisella “Chill” Martinez, Chaco “Crossbow” Hawikuh, Antonette “The Huntress” Hunter, Clinton “Ballistic” Andrews. These are The Crazy Eights: Black Ops 888. An elite paramilitary group employed by the United States government to handle the dirty jobs that others cannot. Although they all enjoy the rewards of the jobs, a few members have doubts about the dubious actions they are committing.

After a dangerous run-in by the Boko Haram in the jungles of Africa with all members left in a critical state, the team comes across an ancient seal where the Yourba deity twins The Ibeji are sealed. The Crazy Eights are granted a new lease on life after freeing the twins, and find themselves face-to-face against the demons that lurk in the shadows and manipulate everything from behind the scenes: The Effect. The never-ending battle between the forces of good and evil, the light and the dark, hope and despair begin once more! The Crazy Eights now have a new goal in mind. To right their wrongs, free other sealed deities, and eradicate the evil Effect forces from the planet.

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