The Pizza-Pyre

Author: Charleigh Brennan
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Good to the Last Bite
Eighteen-year-old Josh Buckmilter knows what he wants: to level up his life. Go to college (+4 INT), get a steady job (+50 GOLD), and marry his dream girl, Harriet (+20 LUK). In other words, he wants a normal life, something he missed out on growing up.
But college is an epic boss battle he’s not ready for yet, not without some grinding. So while he saves money delivering pizzas in a car held together by duct tape and dreams, most of his thoughts center around gaming, pizza, and Harriet.
As far as Josh is concerned, pizza is a goddess and Harriet is her handmaiden. Much as he wants to, he can’t summon the courage to ask her out. But he’s not worried. With a little more grinding, he’s sure he’ll get there.
Until he gets a phone call that changes the game.
In his town, a long-abandoned mansion sits at the top of a hill. Kids sometimes sneak in with their friends for thrills, and it’s known as a frequent party spot for the high schoolers.
Only, it isn’t abandoned anymore. Word around town is, a glamorous young couple has moved in: beautiful, suave, and wealthy.
Most importantly, the new tenants are hungry.
And they’ve called for a pizza delivery boy.

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