Cait’s Review of “Summer’s Rebellion” by Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison

By: Cait Marie

Goodreads Blurb

Charlie knows how to be a princess. Now she must learn to be a queen.

She sacrificed her heart in exchange for the fragile peace of her kingdom, but in the wake of their beloved king’s assassination, peace is hard to come by. Threats and conspiracies emerge with every turn, and all the while her wedding looms closer.

Between funerals and hangings, coronations and balls, Charlie must find the strength to prove to her people — and to herself — that she can be the queen they need, even though it required breaking her heart in two.

Her allies are few and unexpected, and enemies await in the most familiar of places. Will Charlie live long enough to see her wedding day? Or will the perils of her choices finally catch up to her? 


I think this book might just be my favorite in the series. I absolutely loved the continuation of Charlie’s story and seeing her grow, as well as some of the other characters.

It’s hard to talk about the third book in a series without spoiling things from the first two, but this book was fantastic! The tension builds as the fragile peace is rocked between the two kingdoms. Charlie and Oliver are trying to figure out how to move on from everything that has happened. Neither want to get married, but they know they need to in order to protect their people. Except, a secret is uncovered that could potentially set them both free.

Charlie and Logan continue growing closer, and I love them with my whole heart. There is a scene where he takes her to a tree in his mother’s village that is absolute perfection. I think I’ve read that part like five times now because it just makes me so happy inside that I keep going back to it.

The thieves make a return as well, and you know how much I love my secretly good bad guys. Fia is such a great character. I have so many questions about her and want more!

Overall, the book is wonderfully written. It is engaging and intense, but it still has those sweet and swoony moments. The character development is excellent, as is the world building. These authors have done an incredible job at creating this vivid world full of intricate histories, politics, secrets, and betrayal.

I’m writing this review late, as I’ve already read the fourth book, but know that this one does have a cliffhanger that will make you need to keep reading until you’ve devoured the entire series. Robin and Elle continue to amaze me. I will read literally anything they write at this point.

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