The Water Catcher’s Rise : The Kyprian Prophecy Book 2 (The Kyprian Prophecy – An Epic YA Fantasy Adventure Series)

Author: Kylie Fennell
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Lamore is on the brink of war. Victory will depend on two things: who commands firesky and whether one silver-eyed girl can make the biggest leap of faith – believing in herself, believing in love and believing in the prophesied Water Catcher.

After quelling the riots in Obira City, Arisa is celebrated for saving Lamore and the King who she had once vowed to kill, but living at the Lamorian Royal Court has never been more dangerous.

After a Northem invading party breaches Lamore Castle, former Chancellor Horace becomes more desperate to secure firesky as a weapon, so he intensifies his threats against Arisa and her guardian, Erun.

As Lamore prepares for war, Arisa and Prince Takai are drawn to each other and find themselves working together to save not just the kingdom but each other’s lives.

But everything unravels when Takai discovers the truth about Arisa – a truth that is bigger and more deadly than they could have ever imagined.

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