Rage and Release (Fia Drake, Soul Hunter Book 3)

Author: D. Gabrielle Jensen
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Beneath the streets, a feral fury stirs.
Concertgoer, soul hunter, fiery redhead, wielder of weapons and wit: Fia Drake is many, many things. One thing she is not? Helpless.
But when demons separate her and her low-key love interest, Max Hawkins, she is powerless to prevent them from torturing him—or worse.
Fighting her way through the city’s underbelly with grit and fire, Fia is painfully aware that the clock is ticking. And apart from Max’s well-being, she has two other major problems on her plate.
Problem #1
She’s got a traitor on her tail, and she still can’t pin down who it is.
Problem #2
A deal with a boss demon threatens to turn sour if she can’t keep her head in the game.
In this energetic and explosive conclusion to the Fia Drake, Soul Hunter Series, every second counts. She must ensure Max’s release, find her traitor, and keep up her end of the demon bargain—all while keeping her rage in check. Can Fia gain the advantage in time—or will her hands be shackled for eternity?

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