Corpses and Crossroads (Chronicles of the Nekrosanct Book 1)

Author: E. M. Lacey
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A reluctant homicide detective with an inhuman talent.

Russell Holmes walked away from his career after it almost got his family killed. Now, he’s being pulled out of the quiet life he settled into to investigate a violent crime scene. Coerced onto a task force at the same time his daughter is undergoing a medical crisis, Russell has less than 72 hours to solve the case.

But this is no ordinary homicide.

Things take a supernatural turn as corpses and gods are added to his growing list of suspects. A deadly game of hide and seek ensues, with Russell’s survival depending on him unraveling what a deity would want with him. Can he tap into the powers he abandoned to keep his family safe? Or will he pay with his life for turning his back on his inhuman truth?

Leave the lights on as you delve into this gripping Urban Fantasy adventure that will leave you gasping with the turn of each page!

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