Friday Favorites: First Lines

By: Manuela Soares

Hello September, and happy Friday readers! This week, I thought I would try something a little new. I recently came across a post from Hoarding Books, where they do First Line Friday’s. From what I’ve read, they take the book they’re reading or just the closest book to them and share the first line of it. This is an interesting idea and one that I could mash up with Friday Favorites. So, this week, I’ll be sharing the first line from a few of my favorite ARCs and books that I’m currently reading.

The Lighthouse Witches ARC by C. J. Cooke

“They bind our feet and ankles, tear off our clothes, and douse us with alcohol.”

The Perfume Companion ARC by Sarah McCartney and Samantha Scriven

“When you find a perfume you love, wear it!”

Practically Pagan: An Alternative Guide to Magical Living ARC by Maria DeBlassie

“Greeting, fellow magic seeker! If you’ve picked up this book, it means one of two things: You already believe in the reality of everyday mysticism, or you are curious about the possibility of a world more magical, more infinite than the one you currently inhabit.”

Curse of the Night Witch by Alex Aster

“Tor Luna often studied his little sister’s lifeline.”

The Last to See Me by M. Dressler

“Never make peace with the thing that’s trying to kill you.”

The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor

“Maggie Murphy stood alone and unnoticed on the doorstep of the thatched stone cottage that three generations of her family has called home.”

What book are you reading this weekend, and what is the first line? Leave a comment and see what others are reading too!

Happy reading!

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