Mariah’s Review of “Meeting the Star” by Cait Marie

By: Mariah Brown

Cait Marie has written the second book in the Bennu Firebirds series called Meeting the Star. It is a book about Eliza, who has taken on two jobs over the summer so she can pay for her rent. Then, Lucas, the movie star, is on campus because of the movie they are shooting. Lucas meets Eliza, and they seem to click right away. However, at one point in the book, I was really frustrated with Lucas’s actions. This is when I knew I would love the book. It was heartbreaking and nerve wracking at some points.

The characters and college campus were very well developed. I felt like I was a part of story and was able to imagine where everything was happening. I truly love how Cait writes all of her books so well that you can feel the story. This is why I keep going back to her books no matter what the genre is.

I give this book a 5/5 stars because it was written very well and kept me on my feet. I really enjoyed the plot twists that were involved. I also loved that Cait put a sneak peak to her last book in this one. It made me even more excited to read the last one.

Trigger Warning- There is a scene in the book that could be difficult to read. It involves a guy trying to give Eliza drugs for certain activities. He then becomes a little violent and tries to get her to come out of the bathroom.

I received an ARC for an honest review.

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