The Firemaster’s Legacy : The Kyprian Prophecy Book 1 (The Kyprian Prophecy – An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series)

Author: Kylie Fennell
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Firesky is the ultimate weapon. It will either obliterate or liberate all of Kypria. One silver-eyed girl has the power to determine their fate – if she dares to question everything she believes in.

Arisa is a silver-eyes – a magical race feared and hunted in the Kyprian nation of Lamore. She has survived by hiding her identity but her best friend and father weren’t so fortunate.

Her luck runs out when she is forced to serve at the Lamorian Royal Court with her guardian, Erun, who is conscripted to weaponise a great power known as firesky – a power not seen since the time of the last Firemaster.

With war on the horizon, and no hope of a prophesied saviour materialising, Arisa formulates a deadly plan to tear the brutal regime apart from the inside. There’s just one problem…the arrogant, exasperating and intriguing Prince Takai.

“I absolutely loved reading this book. I loved the storyline and the characters. I loved this book and I couldn’t put it down.” – Megan R. via Goodreads

“Brilliant! What more is there to say? …a work of absolute storytelling brilliance. With its vivid world-building, strong, multi-dimensional characters and carefully measured plot delivery, it kept me on the edge of my seat, unable to put it down.” – Amanda B. via Goodreads.

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