Top 9 Reading Apps and Websites

By: Manuela Soares

Let’s face it, readers go everywhere with at least one book, sometimes two just in case the first gets finished, but carrying around physical books can be a hassle and get heavy if they’re hardbacks, that’s where today’s list comes in handy. I read a lot on my phone and tablet. It’s more convenient for me, and I have access to thousands of books I wouldn’t otherwise have. Additionally, having a digital library like this makes it so I don’t have to spend money on physical books hoping that I like them, if I don’t like them I can simply return them. So, here’s a list of apps and websites that I use that gives me access to tons of books and audiobooks.


Libby is a great free app that can be found in the Apple and Google store. It connects to your local library and allows you to check out eBooks, audiobooks, and even magazines that your library has copies of. You can also use this to read on your computer. You can borrow up to 15 books at a time, put a hold on up to 15 books, and have them for 7, 14, or 21 days. Also, some libraries have partnerships with other libraries, so if yours doesn’t have a book and they’re partnered with another, you can check that partner’s library for the book.


This ties into Libby; this is where you go to find your local library online and get a library ecard.


This one may seem a bit strange at first, but I recently found that there are a fair amount of audiobooks on it that are done pretty well. This is a free app but has a paid subscription option to get rid of the ads.


Most people know about Kindle; it’s a great reading app that you can use to access eBooks. The app is free, and there are some free books, but this allows you to buy digital versions of books you want.


If you’re into subscriptions and like audiobooks, Audible may be the way to go. Partnered with Kindle, this is a great place to get current audiobooks, but it can be a little pricey for some. 


As someone who always says they want to read more Shakespeare, this app has come in handy. I found it years ago on my old android phone and loved it and downloaded it again when I switch to iPhone. This has both a free and paid version. I use the free since it works fine and I don’t need the extras. This has all his works, and for the Pro version, it was recently updated to include modern language for those who have trouble with Elizabethan English.

Project Gutenberg:

This is a great free website to read or download older books that the U.S. copyright has expired on. There are a lot of great books on here, and it’s a great way to expand your reading genres.

Internet Archive:

Another great free website to read/download books from, but also has movies, music, software, and more to check out.


If audiobooks are more your jam and you don’t mind listening to volunteers read public domain books, check out LibriVox. It’s a great audiobook resource, and many of the volunteers who read these books take it seriously and their recordings are great.

What are you fav reading apps/websites to use? Leave a comment and let us know!

Happy Reading!

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