Never Have I Ever Land

Author: Maggie Dallen
Get your copy here!

This Tinkerbell is finally in with The Lost Boys. Seriously, she’s the new lead singer for their band. But the guitarist she’s crushing on only sees her as a cute little mascot. And the guy who’s crushing on her?

She doesn’t see him at all.

I blame my car. If the stupid old clunker hadn’t broken down, I would have had time to go home and change before auditioning for lead singer of my crush’s band. Instead, I showed up in a Tinkerbell costume. Awesome. Now I’m not so much the hot rocker chick as I am that weird fairy girl, but whatever. I mean, I got the gig, that’s what counts. And I owe it all to Maverick. If the newest member of the Princess Troupe hadn’t stopped and played a real life prince by rescuing me and giving me a ride, I never would have gotten to the audition at all. 

Maverick even goes so far as to stick around and give me a ride home afterward, which is really going above and beyond for a new work friend. But when he tries to kiss me at the end of the night? Friends, we’ve officially entered never-never land. This can’t be real. We live in two different worlds. Someone needs to tell Maverick that star football players don’t go for girls like me. He says he’s cool with being friends first, so yeah…okay. Friends I can do. Besides, it looks like I’m gonna need all the friends I can get as I prove to my new band that I’m not some kid who likes to play dress up. I’m a grown up. Mostly. Just…don’t challenge me to a game of Never Have I Ever.

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