Reapers of Veltuur: The Complete Series

Author: Jessaca Willis
Get your copy here!

A prince destined for the throne. A female assassin with death magic. And the kill order that will make them enemies.

When the mortals want someone dead, they contract a Reaper of Veltuur, an assassin born from the underrealm, with fatal magic coursing through their veins.

Sinisa is one of them.

When the King of Oakfall requests a Reaper to execute his daughter for an unforgivable crime, Sinisa is first to volunteer for the job.

It should be easy.

But when the Prince discovers his sister is in danger, he flees the palace with her, leaving Sinisa with only two options: journey through the mortal realm to find and slay her mark, or face the consequences of returning to the underrealm empty-handed.

​It’s no choice at all.

Besides, no one can outrun a Reaper of Veltuur.

Or can they…


Soul of the Crow is a dark high fantasy adventure with reapers/assassins, bandits, prophets, and enough death magic to keep the entire mortal realm quaking with fear. If you loved Scythe, Throne of Glass, Nevernight, King of Scars, or books by Jenna Moreci, Jay Kristoff, Kel Carpenter, and Shannon Mayer, you will devour this epic, gothic saga!


This book contains themes of death, grief, trauma, and discrimination not suitable for the faint of heart. It is a dark fantasy series. You have been warned.

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