Friday Favorites: Book Of The Month Books

By: Christopher Bartlett

Recently, I got tempted into rejoining Book Of The Month (full disclosure that is my personal referral link for those wanting to join or curious about it). They got me to rejoin with a free book, which tells you it wasn’t that difficult, especially since I had had such a good experience with them before. After settling on my book for May, I scrolled through some of the past books still available only to find some great ones that I made sure to put on a shelf to get down the road. 

Such as Mexican Gothic by Silvia Morena Garcia, which just by the synopsis gave me images of a story based around a building similar to Stephen King’s Rose Red but with more of a romance to it from the start. As well as being set in the 1950s and dealing with issues for Hispanic Americans back then. While it gives me feels from when I saw Rose Red, the story itself intrigues me and makes me want to read it for its own story.

Of course, on that same page, I realized I have a thing for stories for haunted buildings as I discovered The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James. Made creepier by the fact that every town has one of those small motels at the very least. Now, add in the night clerk knowing there are secrets and being curious and then deciding to go looking for answers. I expect both will be quite creepy. 

I was then surprised to find a book by Andy Weir titled Project Hail Mary, and while the synopsis has to give away some of the story, I am sure coming from Weir there is much more to see than is revealed. But imagine waking up on a spaceship far from Earth with amnesia, yet you have to regain it in time to remember that you are on a mission to save Earth as well as how to do it. 

Then, somehow I got back to planet Earth and the present with The Bad Muslim Discount by Syed M Masood. It tells the stories of two Muslim immigrant families in America that are intertwined. The flap of the book gives the sense of showing the broader spectrum of Muslim culture and how it relates to American culture as a whole.  

On a brighter side of the spectrum and more lighthearted is The Girl With Stars In Her Eyes by Xio Axelrod where a friend thought lost may become more combined with a love of music. I will probably listen to the soundtrack from  A Star Is Born as I am reading this one.

And these are just some of the books I am excited to look into from here. But reading wherever you get your books from is always better when done with friends. This makes it easier to pick a book among friends each month versus having an entire book store as the list of options. But either way, may you and your friends continue to enjoy books whether or not they are from Book Of The Month.

*Tips head, walking out the door to check the mailbox.*

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