Destiny’s Review of “Shadowlands Sector” by Mila Young

By: Destiny Constantin

*I have received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

“My wolf slinks through me, insisting she belongs to us, and we need to mark her now. Except something feels off, she feels different. And I won’t jump to conclusions about finding my fated mate that quickly.” ~Mila Young

Shadowlands Sector is an entertaining, captivating, steamy contemporary paranormal romance novel written by Mila Young. Mila Young is a writer who enjoys creating stories with monsters, mighty warriors, and fairytale retellings. Sheis a new author for me, but she is very talented in describing her characters and how they interact with one another. As a writer myself, I know how challenging it can be to write natural dialogue and create realistic body movements and interactions with characters. I was incredibly impressed with how she described the characters transforming into their wolf forms. I did enjoy reading Young’s contemporary paranormal romance novel, but the sexual romantic scenes were overwhelming for me. I typically do not read paranormal romance stories, but another book reviewer recommended this book, and the book’s cover and synopsis looked very interesting.

Mila Young’s novel, Shadowlands Sector, tells the story of a young woman named Meira, born half-human and half-werewolf. She and her mother were always on the run, searching for a safe place to live where the shadow monsters couldn’t find them. At the age of fourteen, Meira’s mother’s friend, Jaine, woke up all the women and the children in the female settlement because they were under attack. The shadow monsters destroyed their home and killed many people, including Meira’s mother and Jaine. Meira ran as fast as she could and made a place of her own in the woods. For five years, she survived living in a treehouse she made until her body started changing. Meira needs to find her mate to transform into the monster she is supposed to be: a werewolf. But something inside her prevents her and makes her extremely ill.

While reading this story, one of the most impressive things is I’ve never read a wolf story with so much description about them transforming or shapeshifting. It was fascinating to learn what happens to them—how their bones break and they need to mate to survive. This wolf tale is not like anything I have read before. Meira gets kidnapped by a pack of male wolves. There’s a pack of Ash wolves who search for female wolves who need to find mates. They sell the female wolves and use them for their bodies. Meira is a strong female lead in this book. She’s a fighter and does everything she possibly can to escape the Ash pack and get off the plane. Meira is scared that they will figure out who she is because she is not a regular wolf.

Eventually, she gets caught and can no longer escape, but she connects with the Ash pack’s leader. At first, Dusan came off as a character with a lot of attitude and power, but he changed when he became fascinated with Meira. He is charming, caring, and helps Meira the best he can, but she faces challenges with her wolf side. Complications begin to rise when Meira stays at the mansion with the Ash wolves because she becomes attracted to two other wolves besides Dusan. I understand how a woman can be attracted to more than one guy, but it didn’t make sense to me if Dusan was supposed to be her destined mate. Another plot in the story that I found confusing was Meira’s secret. It left me wondering many things, specifically how the Shadowmonsters can’t hurt her. The story is packed with lots of secrets, action, twists, and turns, but some of the plots are missing information, but maybe the author did that on purpose to get her readers to read the next book. The story does have an open-ending.

I did enjoy the supernatural elements and following Meira’s journey, but I am not sure if I want to read book two because of the explicit content. I would love to read another work of literature by the author because of her ability to create realistic characters and create a magical world with monsters. I enjoyed reading the story very much despite the explicit content. It showcases a different side of a wolf tale, and I was happy when Meira let her defensive wall go down to find her mate. I am curious about what will happen next, so I may need to read the next book because the ending left me wanting more.

If you love reading contemporary romances with a paranormal, supernatural twist with action, plot twists, and secrets, then you will love reading Shadowlands Sector, written by the talented author Mila Young.

Shadowlands Sector, One: A Shifter Paranormal Romance is available now on Amazon.

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