Author: Danielle Young
Get your copy here!

If anything is certain in life, it is that nothing stays the same. A lesson that seventeen year old Chris Hall learns the night his mom dies and the world as he knows it ends.

Chris is every girl’s fantasy and every guy’s idol. He has the looks, the girl, and a full ride scholarship, but with the loss of his mom he throws it all away.

Reeling from her loss and unsure how to cope, he spirals out of control, losing himself to the pain. He wants nothing to do with happiness, he only wants to stop feeling.

But things change when Alli bumps into him one night. For the first time he finds that he can breathe. Desperate for more he is determined to get her to give him the time of day. But Alli, battling pain and demons of her own has no desire to become another notch in his belt.

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