Cait’s Review of “All-American Princess” by Maggie Dallen

By: Cait Marie

Goodreads Blurb

Secrets. Lies. Revenge… Repeat.

A Hollywood princess with a plan. A small-town bad boy with a secret. Some opposites attract. These two? They ignite.

Why am I stranded in the middle of Nowheresville, Montana? One reason, and one reason only. Daddy sent me. He needs me to bring back Brandon MacMillan, the reclusive son of a legendary TV star, so he can reboot the series his dad made famous. This mission is simple. Get in, get the guy, get out. I’ll be back in my Beverly Hills academy before my besties even know I’m gone.

All I have to do is lure Brandon away from his crazy mom, the pretty girl next door, and his lifelong best friend. No biggie.

Except, no one warned me about all the secrets and lies between our two families…or the fact that there’s in traitor in our midst. Someone’s out to sabotage me. And for all my well-laid plans…nothing has prepared me for Jack. Brandon’s best friend, and my arch nemesis, the small-town hottie sees right through my lies, and his kisses…? They’re definitely not part of the plan. 

In fact, nothing is going the way it’s supposed to and no one is who they pretend to be.

And if I’m not careful? I’ll be the one who gives in to temptation.

Author’s NoteTwo things you should know before you go any further. 1) This book is part of a continuing series. And 2) I’ve written more than 40 PG young adult books over the years…but this is not one of them. While there’s no sex or F-bombs in this book, there is some mild language, steamy situations, and mature topics. This is more PG-13 than my other novels (think Gossip Girl vs Disney Channel) and if that is not to your taste, please don’t read!


I loved this book. I don’t even know where to start… Lila is so intense, but Jack is determined to break through the facade. Their banter and teasing from the beginning instantly hooked me. Then, there’s sweet, popular Brandon who just wants to live his life, but the secrets surrounding him and his family threaten to undo everything he knows. Secrets he holds. Secrets his best friend, Jack, holds. And on top of all that, Lila is in Pinedale for one purpose: to bring Brandon home to L.A. to star in a reboot of his father’s old show. And Lila is someone who’s used to getting anything she wanted.

She grows close with both boys, but only one is capturing her heart. And it’s not the boy she’s supposed to be interested in. Soon, their lives become entangled, and drama ensues. It’s so addicting. I had to know what happened, and I couldn’t stop reading. It’s so well written and full of witty banter. As soon as I finished, I needed the next book!

Also, the covers of this series are absolutely incredible!

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