Mariah’s Review of “The Lost Legends” by Cait Marie

By: Mariah Brown

I was given an ARC for an honest review of the book and here it is.

The Lost Legends (The Nihryst #1) by Cait Marie is a fantastic book about adventure and fantasy. If you are looking for something fun with an attention-gripping plot that takes you away to another world, then this is the book for you. I am not usually one to read fantasy books that involve pirates, but the way the author incorporated all the aspects was wonderful. This includes the different locations that they stopped at and wanting to find out if Princess Adalina found the Nihryst or not, and of course the romance that was involved. I just wanted to keep reading. Another thing that was very well done was Cait’s ability to switch between Princess Adaline’s adventures and Prince Shane’s adventures as they were not together through most of the book.

Another reason to keep reading this book is there ends up being a romance within the book that is not expected which makes the story even more intense. The author provides just enough imagining that your mind can wonder and imagine where the rest of the scene goes. This occurs throughout the entire book too. You can take a scene that is provided as the reader and then continue while finishing the scene up in your head. This also occurs with each character. Yes, there is a description, but we, as readers, can finish up how the characters look in our own minds. I love when a book can leave me to my own imagination at times, and this one did.

It starts off innocent with Princess Adalina being told her favorite story about the Nihryst warriors by her mother, and of course her brother is Prince Shane. Eventually, Shane would take over their father’s position as King of Detmarya, where they live, but there are events that happen throughout the book that may make that occur sooner rather than later. At one point, Shane meets a lot of people in town who end up helping him with the need to fight his father to keep the war at bay that is being planned. Adalina makes the adventure seem so easy to go on, and I think that is due to how she grew up with her adventure book about the Nihryst.

Personally, I give this book a 10/10. The adventure, romance, fantasy, and attention-grabbing aspects all make me want to re-read this book, which makes it wonderful. For a newer author, Cait Marie knows exactly what she is doing and needs to keep writing. I will be reading more and more of her books.

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