Secrets Submerged: An Isla Emerged Novella

Author: Deidra Sequeira
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Pain. Deception. Family.

Eleven months ago, Isla became the matriarch of her merfolk kingdom. Unfortunately, transitioning from being an exiled princess to being a queen is tougher than she anticipated. Isla is haunted by the trauma her mistakes have left behind, the sacrifice her father made, and the glimpse Anita gave her at a secret that had been buried for nearly thirty years.

Only Anita and the secret she holds close to her heart can give Isla any measure of closure and make the road ahead clearer for Isla to grow as Queen. But, much like the young mermaid, Anita is wracked by guilt because of her past complacency, the lies she believed, and the damage that was done.

Do they dare risk their friendship—and Isla’s fragile sanity—by exposing a truth that could change everything?

This novella bridges the gap between the series’ first book, Isla Emerged, and the full length sequel.

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