Coffee House Writers 2020 Anthology: Volume 2: Fiction

Author: Coffee House Writers
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Founded in 2017, Coffee House Writers has been a welcoming community for writers of all genres since its inception. Now, they want to showcase the heart of some of these hardworking writers.

In Volume 2 of this set of anthologies, over two dozen authors have shared creative fictional short stories with the world. From heartwarming stories about family to mysterious horror pieces and fantasy worlds full of wonder, there is a bit of everything in this collection.

LC Ahl
Calpernia N. Charles
Destiny Constantin
Margaret Cremer
Janeen G.
Heather Hancock
Lourdes Hernandez
T.L. Hicks
Alexandria Hoover
Amanda M. Jones
Jess Knueppel
Beatrice Lane
Xander S. Lee
Tish MacWebber
Lauralee Martin
Allorianna Matsourani
Keely Messino
Scarlet Nobel
Alena Orrison
Lisa Post
Sylvia Stein
Lindsey Taylor
Donna Trovato
Francine Lee W

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