Jenny’s Review of “All the Darkness in the World” by Andy Deane

By: Jenny Gardner

If I could only recommend one book that encompassed a supernatural adventure, entwined with modern realism, I would choose All the Darkness in the World by Andy Deane.

With darkness, humor, vampires, and vindication, Andy Deane finds a way to weave an enrapturing tale of supernatural delight. It’s not the first time I’ve read this tale, and it won’t be the last. The sophisticated dark humour gets better every time I read this novel. Deane is able to capture action and mundane moments with the same interest and intensity. Finding a way to enlighten everyday moments into a dark insight of troubled human minds is not an easy feat.

I should warn that if you read this tale, you will encounter recovery from an abusive childhood, alongside a plethora of adult language. However, the language serves a purpose, while the trauma recovery is key to the story.

Main character Jace has to find a way to survive when his life turns from mundane to mayhem. A darkness lurking on the edges of his life comes into full view as vampires attack. That darkness that has followed through a tumultuous childhood, continues with deaths of those he loves. The action culminates in a chance to take revenge against his abusers, if they don’t kill him first.

Loss is a major theme throughout, but so is redemption. Where Jace is lost, the fight against the supernatural gives a true purpose. Each loss hits him hard but builds an inner strength that was hidden initially. He survives. He overcomes. Eventually, he becomes a new stronger Jace, one ready to fight for the world, fight against the darkness.

All the Darkness in the World builds a realistic dynamic scene, as most great works do. Singular vampire battles come and go, but the unseen war is not over. It’s never over! The vamps hide in plain sight, unknown to most, in common news stories one might not suspect, lurking in the shadows of those close by. They could be right next door.

“You’re probably wondering if there are still vampires here in Morgan. The simple answer is yes. And I’ve come to realize that they’re fucking everywhere… I don’t think the world will ever be rid of them.”

Andy Deane’s All the Darkness in the World

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