Kesha’s Review of “Mine Forever” by Skylar Nightingale

By: Kesha Jones

*I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest review* 

Being in love can be tricky at times, especially when it’s your best friend that you’re in love with. 

Billie and Javon met each other in third grade and ever since then, they were inseparable. Everyone could see their strong chemistry and how perfect they would be together, but they didn’t want to risk their friendship. As they entered their last year of high school, they both start dating someone in hopes to get their minds off of each other. No matter how many times they told people that they were nothing but just best friends, no one really believed it, especially the people they dated. Javon’s girlfriend would doubt his commitment to her so constantly that it lead to an ultimatum of him either being more committed to her or continuing his close friendship with Billie.

In the process of focusing more on his relationship with his girlfriend, he gets hit with the news that Billie has to move to California because her dad was offered a better job there. Javon tries to spend as much time with Billie as he can, and he even throws her a surprise going away party. Billie’s boyfriend broke it off with her before she left, so that she could get a fresh start, plus he felt like he had to always compete for her love. She adjusts to her new life in California pretty well and made two new friends right off the bat. It didn’t take her long to start dating someone new either, but her friends warned her about dating this particular person because they knew how much of a player he was.

She eventually broke up with him when she noticed that he wasn’t going to stop cheating on her. She then ended up dating one of his friends, and once the ex found out, he started harassing her constantly. It got so bad that their relationship ended with the guy moving to a different city, so that he wouldn’t do something detrimental that would get him into a lot of trouble. The ex still continued to harass Billie, so her parents decided to send her back to Connecticut where she gets to stay with Javon and his family for the rest of the school year. Just as things couldn’t get even more crazier, Javon surprises Billie with a gift that really puts their friendship to the test. 

This book was a good read, and all of the characters were very relatable. The amount of love and support that Billie’s friends showed throughout the book made me feel connected to them all. Skylar Nightingale really caught the concept of young love and whether or not to risk it all in a friendship. I would definitely read other books by her.

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