Cover Reveal: Dragons Within: Guarding Her Own

“I am dragon. I am free. You are mine to protect.”

Dragons Within: Guarding Her Own is set to release November 21, 2019!
Published by Balance of Seven

Cover reveal in…








(Be sure to check out the video at the end to see how the cover was made!)

A truth seeker becomes imbued with the power to tip the scales of justice.

A headstrong privateer tempers her courage in the heart of a violent storms.

A pair of mittens leads to a family history rich with dragons.

Enter the world of Dragons Within, a place where woman and dragon are one in the same: reigning strong, fierce, and free. Forging bonds with the world of mankind, these unconquerable beings discover a love for the vulnerable, the fragile, the broken.

A pregnant goddess seeks refuge for her children during war. A telepathic soldier finds the courage to claim her humanity. A dragon in human form uses her gifts to protect abuse victims in need. A girl chases a soldier through the desert wasteland to find her missing brother.

Featuring twelve new and emerging speculative fiction authors, this power-driven book delves deep into the journey from treasure hunter to guardian, mercenary to savior, fire-breather to martyr. Transforming rage into righteousness, the women of Dragons Within claim their people, pledging their lives to…

guard their own.

The beautiful cover was designed by Eben Schumacher Art. Check out the video below to see the creative process and how it came to be!

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