Mine Forever

Author: Skylar Nightingale
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Seventeen-year-old Javon Allen is in love with his best friend, Billie Rose, but she’s dating one of the most popular guys in school. Locked in the dreaded friend-zone, he begins to date someone new–in hopes of curing his craving heart.

Then Billie drops a bomb that shatters his world. She’s moving cross-country. Although devastated, Javon throws her a surprise going away party. But when Javon buys Billie a diamond bracelet with the help of his mother, his girlfriend throws a tantrum, and Billie confides to Javon that her boyfriend broke up with her.

Despite Javon’s girlfriend’s outrage, he keeps in touch with Billie. Then, his girlfriend gives him an ultimatum. He must choose his sprouting relationship or the girl he’s always loved. He makes the obvious choice. Billie. But he discovers that she has found someone new. Now he wonders if he should let go of the girl of his dreams or fight to win her heart?

Skylar Nightingale really caught the concept of young love and whether or not to risk it all in a friendship.

Kesha Jones (full review here)

~More About The Author~

Skylar grew in Upstate New York. There is where her imagination took flight. Every week her third-grade class had a writing competition. She lost the first one but won every contest afterward. As time continued, her characters developed, taking on a life of their own in the worlds she created.

She currently writes young adult, new adult, and contemporary romance. When she isn’t busy creating her next love story, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and listening to music.

She now resides in a small town with her family, where her love for creating characters and stories envelop her thoughts, allowing her to continue in her writing journey.

Facebook: Skylar Nightingale
Facebook Group: Nightingale’s Gals
Twitter: @Ireca3
Instagram: skylarnightingale01
Website: https://skylar001.wixsite.com/skylarnightingale

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