Cait’s ARC Review of “Kiss Me Not” by Emma Hart

By: Cait Marie

*I received a free advanced copy of this book from Social Butterfly PR for my honest review.*

Every year, the town fair has a kissing booth. For the week, two people compete to raise more money. All of which goes to charity. Halley Dawson, daughter of the mayor, is the reigning champion and resident crazy raccoon lady. For four years, she has beat out the other competitors.

This year, Preston Wright, her best friend’s older brother and the number one bachelor in Creek Falls, is her competition. Now, Halley has to pretend that she doesn’t care that the guy she’s liked for nearly a decade is sitting just on the other side of a curtain kissing person-after-person.

When he makes a bet on who can win the most kisses each day, she’s pretty confident. But then he makes the prize a kiss of their own. As the daily bet continues, they’re drawn to one another, and Halley wonders if perhaps he will be the one to see passed her quirkiness.

I was so excited when I was chosen to be one of the ARC reviewers for this blog tour! This book sounded right up my alley, and I was right! It was a really fun, quick read. Perfect for the summer.

The character are all so snarky and I love it! Halley and Preston hate each other, but both secretly love each other. And her best friend, Reagan, (his sister) knows how both feel. She’s constantly meddling and encouraging them, which was refreshing. I’ve read a lot of best-friend’s-brother books, and most of the time the friend feels betrayed and there’s a whole fight before it all works out. That was not the case here and I really enjoyed that.

This is an adult romance, not the typical YA I usually review, so there is a lot more language and some steaminess.

I really loved this book. It was light and easy to read, and it definitely kept my interest. I am super excited to continue with the next two books!

Find out where to get a copy and more about the author here in the release blitz post!

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