Friday Favorites: Fictional Worlds

By: Cait Marie

Happy Friday! I’ve been eagerly waiting for this week’s topic: fictional worlds. You can find the full list of weekly prompts, over at Something of the Book!

Let’s just jump right in. Here are my top 5 favorite fictional worlds:

5. Erilea

For those who don’t know, Erilea is the main continent in Throne of Glass. Any world in which my precious cinnamon roll Dorian lives is a place I want to be.

4. Ravenspire

The Ravenspire series is one of my absolute favorites, and the worlds C.J. Rewine has created are just so magical. Literally. Fairy tales, magical creatures, dragons… it’s wonderful.

3. Alicante (The Shadow World)

I mean, duh. I want to live where there are Shadowhunters and warlocks with blue-sparks of magic, way too much glitter and sarcasm for their own good, and, of course, their boyfriend.

2. Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I just want to go to Hogwarts. Why is that so much to ask for? To say I was sad to not receive an acceptance letter to the school of magic when I finally turned 11 is an understatement.

1. Velaris (Prythian)

City of Starlight. Court of Dreams. Home of the “inner circle.” Artists quarter, aka Rainbow of Velaris. Starfall. Illyrians. It’s all just so perfect.

What are some of your favorite fiction worlds?

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