Friday Favorites: Albums/Songs to Listen to While Writing

By: Cait Marie

Happy Friday! It has been a super busy day; hence, this post being so late. This week’s prompt for Friday Favorites, provided by Something of the Book, is fictional criminals. However, I cannot think of many off the top of my head, so I’m going with a prompt from a few weeks ago: Favorite albums or songs to listen to while reading.

Except I can’t listen to music while reading really. Well, I can, but it’s just background noise and I don’t care what it is as long as it’s quiet. So, I’m changing it to:

Favorite albums or songs to listen to while writing

1.Castle – Halsey

I actually wrote an entire novella based on this song, so, naturally, it had to be included. Halsey is one of my absolute favorites, which some think is weird because it’s not like what I normally listen to. Don’t care, I love her. Here are some other favorites:

  • Roman Holiday
  • Gasoline
  • Sorry
  • Control
  • Wall Could Talk

2. Never Let You Go – Florence + the Machine

Okay, any Florence is fine. She’s amazing. I also love:

  • Cosmic Love (I mean, who doesn’t?)
  • Howl
  • Ship to Wreck
  • Kiss with a Fist
  • Shake it Out

3. Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

I was very late to The Lumineers train. I avoided them for a long time because I got so sick of Ho Hey, but then I heard them on Reign, which I’ll explain later in this list. Here are some other favorites:

  • Slow it Down
  • Scotland
  • Sleep on the Floor
  • Flowers in Your Hair
  • Angela

4. Ruelle

That’s it. Just all of Ruelle. Her music is perfect for writing fantasy. A lot of it has an intense build up, and it’s just fantastic. Some of her songs on my writing playlist are:

  • Madness
  • Until We Go Down
  • War of Hearts
  • Monsters
  • Live Like Legends

5. The Head and the Heart

This has been my favorite band for a few years now (other than Panic! At the Disco obvi). Their music is so calming, but catchy. They have more upbeat music, too, but there’s something about it that’s just so chill. They’re one of those bands I could just go to a list of their songs, hit shuffle, and be happy because I love them all. Some of my favorites:

  • Rivers and Roads
  • 10,000 Weight in Gold
  • Winter Song
  • Couer D’Alene
  • Another Story

6. Twin Forks

Their entire album is just wonderful. I love this band and desperately wish they’d release more music. I originally heard Back to You on the show Reign, which, in all honesty, is where I first heard a lot of the bands on my playlist. It fits so well with my writing. I describe their music as folksy-pop-rock because I have no idea what genre it is, but I love whatever it is. Some of my favorites:

  • Back to You
  • Can’t Be Broken
  • Scraping Up the Pieces
  • Come On
  • Reasoned and Roughened

7. Kodaline

Another band I heard on Reign, as well as The Fault in Our Stars. If you’ve listened to the last two bands on the list, you’re probably sensing a pattern. This is another “chill” band. They sound a bit like Coldplay at times, but not really. They’re another favorite band, one I’d kill to see live. Some of my favorite songs by them:

  • Talk
  • Love Like This
  • Brand New Day
  • All I Want
  • All Comes Down

What do you like to listen to when reading or writing? Do you like any of these? Let me know below!

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    1. That’s awesome!! The novella based on Halsey’s Castle that I mentioned was my first NaNo project haha. Florence was played frequently while writing the book I just finished the first draft of 😊


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