Jenny’s Review of “Mostly Innocent” by J. M. Jinks

By: Jenny Gardner

*I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.*

Succubi lore, a demon hunter, plus pop culture? Yes, please! This book combines it all beautifully. As the hunter Elijah and succubus Layla dance around a tete-a-tete, humanity versus demon background is explored. In what should be a tumultuous relationship, demon pitted against hunter, the two must work to find common ground. The partnership is necessary, as the author manages to add a mysterious murder into the mix as well!

Questions arise regarding the quasi-immortals’ pasts, and their relationship to the current foe. Does Layla know the imposter? Is something lurking in Elijah’s past? The mystery at hand allows Layla to explore her past, present, and future with a hilarious inner dialogue. As she contemplates the murder and mayhem surrounding her, the relationship with Elijah develops further. As the suspense built, a more elaborate sinister mystery began to build, leaving room for future tales of demonic intrigue.

The romance portion of this romantic mystery begins to firm up about halfway through the novel, but you are never wanting for more action. There are references to Star Wars, Comics, and Harry Potter to entertain along the way. Author J. M. Jinks manages to weave these seamlessly into the narrative, without excess. The novel also weaves a classic lore into modern life: with Romani references, as well as Norse mythology, and more. Readers will encounter social media use, text, and modern technology – demons skillfully woven into the modern age!

Overall, this upbeat romance-mystery novel was a fun read, especially for those interested in modernized Fae lore. Brava to J. M. Jinks!

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