Cait’s Review of “A Touch of Gold” by Annie Sullivan

By: Cait Marie

(Forgive any misspellings of names. I listened to the audiobook and am going off the spellings from Goodreads reviews.)

A Touch of Gold is definitely one of my favorite books of the year so far. I absolutely loved it! It is a retelling of the King Midas story, which I didn’t know about until reading this book.

King Midas is given the ability to turn items to gold. He turns several things, but then King Midas accidentally changes his daughter into a golden statue. To remove the curse, he must throw all of the pieces he changed into the sea before a certain time. He succeeds in getting rid of all but 12 pieces. Kora comes back to life, but her skin is golden and she has her own abilities that have her hiding most of her life. A Duke comes to meet her, with their families hoping for marriage. While there, the King’s 12 golden, cursed items are stolen. This gold draws the King to him and its absence is likely to kill him or drive him mad. With this in mind, Kora and the Duke, Aris, set out to search for the missing gold.

Kora and Aris head out to sea with some pirates, Kora’s cousin Hettie sneaks onboard, and together they have to continuously convince Captain Royce of how important their mission is. Captain Royce is grumpy, snarky, and, of course, I love him so much.

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I loved all of the characters. They were well written and developed. As was the world-building and plot. I listened to the audiobook and did not want to stop. I feel like I could just babble on and on about how much I love this book. It’s just fantastic! I highly recommend checking this book out. I’m already thinking about re-reading it.

Pirates seem to be the recurring theme of my books lately (that and sirens) and this one definitely makes me want to read more. Sullivan’s debut book definitely lived up to the hype. Also, she’s from Indiana! There are very few YA authors that I know of from here, so to find a new one and to just adore her book was exciting. I cannot wait for the next book!!




I’m going to just jump right in. I did not trust Aris. I kept thinking he was way too good to be true. Then when we find out everything is a lie… it wasn’t upsetting until we found out his story and the journal he gave to Kora was really Royce’s. It broke my heart and melted it all at once because I loved Royce from early on. With my love of other snarky characters who seem to be hiding the good person they are, this shouldn’t be a surprise. (See review of A Court of Mist and Fury for reference. Y’all know who I’m talking about at this point probably…)

So, yes, I love Royce. So. Much. I love how fearless he was toward Kora’s gift. They were just so perfect. I just need more of them in my life.

I also loved her cousin, Hettie. She started off as this prissy, spoiled person and grew into someone completely different. Training with the pirates was hilarious. I just loved how awesome she was and how much she was willing to do for Kora and the rest of the crew.

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