Hayley’s Review of “The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening” by L.J. Smith

By: Hayley Green

This book has dark themes but is intriguing and a great story. It is a short read, and ends with a cliffhanger (as most series do), but is worth reading. The writing style is unique.

Detailing the beginning of the story of Elena, a high school queen bee, and Stefan, a vampire who is new to town, this story has a lot of twists and turns and is very different from the TV series.

Elena is intrigued by the new boy in her high school who is clearly well off. She pursues him and is thwarted at every turn. Odd things start to happen when he comes into town; mysterious deaths and unseen dangers. Despite that, Elena is smitten with Stefan. Enter the dark mysterious figure who tends to show up when least expected and the giant crow that seems to be following her, and you have the beginning of a dangerous fantasy adventure.

Elena is a little less likable in the book than the show, but Damon and Stefan remain mostly the same people. The book doesn’t get very far in the scheme of things. But there is blood and gore, just like in the show.

Find the book here!

It’s different from the show but worth the read. I would recommend. And it is preteen friendly, depending on the level of violence you want them exposed to. It’s not super violent. No violence is shown, just mentioned in the past tense.

Overall, I would recommend it for those looking for a darker read and who wants to get into a series with a unique writing style.


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