Christopher’s Review of “Red Clocks” by Leni Zumas

By: Christopher Bartlett

As the new year was rung in, I joined The Book of The Month Club and my first pick from them was Red Clocks by Leni Zumas. One of the main selling points of the book for me was that it depicts a world where Roe vs Wade has been revoked, as is talked about in politics often. It goes further to say it will take the perspective of five women in the novel, and for me that gave me an opportunity to get a better perspective of the issue of abortion from a woman’s point of view.

Find the book here!

That was where I started with this book and got taken on a wildly deeper journey than that. Zumas gets deep into the characters’ lives and feelings about their lives going deeper as the story progresses. Making it so you get more attached to the characters as you keep reading as well as learn more about where the story takes place.

In the long run, it is not a story about just abortion but about how we are all connected. As well as how choices shape us all. How while abortion might not be a good choice for one, it might be the right choice for another in the greater web of choices. Yet through it all, we all remain connected. How just because someone is having an abortion it doesn’t make them an evil person.

It can be easy to see some issues in black and white, but it is rarely that as this novel demonstrates. It shows the grey zone that exists on many issues that we rarely see as human beings. As human beings, we tend to see rings as black and white most of the time, not seeing the grey area without being shown it first.

For those looking to see a bigger picture of life, this will be a great read. With, as I mentioned above, great characters and a great story, even those not looking for a bigger picture of life will enjoy it I am sure. That is why I give this novel two thumbs up.

*Tips his hat and walks out the door.*


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