Mariah’s Review of “A Vow So Bold and Deadly” by Brigid Kemmerer

By: Mariah Brown

This is the third book in Brigid Kemmerer’s Cursebreakers series. If you want to read my reviews for the first two books, go here.

I absolutely love how this book went. It answered a bunch of questions I had and left me with a lot of other questions.

The character growth was amazing, and how they fought for what they believed in helped even more. I was intrigued by the book from the start to the end. It was that enjoyable. There were a few slower parts, but they were needed in order to work the story properly.

I am really hoping there will be another book in this series to show how everything turns out. I just enjoyed the series so much that I don’t want it to ever end.

I highly recommend this book with a 6/5 stars and to anyone who wants to get lost in a completely different universe, which is so wonderful.

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