A Cupid Bet

Authors: Sedona Ashe & Starling Dax
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Stupid cupids, save your arrows and stop betting on me.

I’m not playing hard to get.
I just don’t want to fall in love! Seen it, gagged over it.
No thanks.

I don’t care how hard those two sexy cupids try to make me fall for someone. It’s not happening! Thanks for the effort boys… but I’ll pass.

I’m nothing more than a bet to them.
Well, the joke is on them, because they’ve both fallen for me!

And now they’ve stopped trying to get me to fall in love with a human and set their sights on me. These cupids are determined to win my heart, even if being with me will cost them everything… not just their cupid title.

I’d better stockpile some cupid-be-gone spray, since these winged hunks won’t stop following me around like lovesick swans. They are kind of sweet, I guess, but I’m not in the market for any man, let alone a cupid… or two.

A Cupid Bet is a playful, slow-burn romance about a sarcastic female and two lovesick cupids who are obsessed with her. This book is a standalone and features a happy ending.

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