Sweet Tempest: A Veracity of the Gods Novel

Author: K.D. Miller
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A jaded Goddess…

Beck McQueen has spent her entire life hating the Gods. It was theirfault that she and her mother had been banished from the godly planes and forced to live among the Mortals. It was their fault that she never truly fit in anywhere, always feeling alone. And it was their fault she was now being hunted. When her only hope for escape lies with the God of the Sea himself, she must put her pride and animosity aside and bargain for his protection. Though she fights it with all her might, Beck finds herself drawn to Poseidon in ways she can’t explain. But there are secrets hidden within her that could mean the end of everything…

A lonely God…

Poseidon has everything any God or mortal could want: an entire kingdom under his rule; more power than most could dream of; a different bedmate every night. But his life feels like an endless cycle of monotony. Desperate for a change, he begs the Fates for something—anything—to get him out of his rut. His pleas are answered by the arrival of Beck McQueen, the one female in all the world who doesn’t immediately fall for him. More than that, she actually seems to despise him for reasons he can’t possibly fathom. But beneath her hatred, there’s a connection between them, a connection he’s been desperate to find for centuries…

Can they break down the walls between them and find the happiness they’ve each been searching for, or will Beck’s secrets rip everything apart?

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