Manuela’s ARC Review of “Last Known Location” by Eva Mackenzie

By: Manuela Soares

Gwen is a nurse who’s having issues with her EMT/neighbor/potential stalker ex-boyfriend Adam. While on a hike she meets a guy named Noah, who ends up being brought into the hospital as a John Doe when he’s found after being potentially attacked. Drew is a local cop and friend of Gwen’s who is brought in on Noah’s case. Gwen passes on Noah’s name, because he’s got a head wound and naturally has amnesia, and that she had met him on the trail. Cue Charlie, a female PI, and ex-cop, who was hired to find Noah by a mysterious online person. Charlie turns up on the trails shot, unconscious, and near death, being brought to the hospital where Noah is, as a Jane Doe. Are Noah and Charlie’s cases related? Did Noah, who is under suspicion for the disappearance of two women, hurt Charlie or at the very least, fight with her? Or, is there another player in the game lying in wait? This spectacular twisted tale brought to readers from the mind of Eva Mackenzie is a Psychological Thriller that will keep you guessing and going holy crap!

Last Known Location is told via alternating perspectives: Gwen, Charlie, and Drew. Gwen, as the lead, has the most amount of chapters, 35 out of 59 chapters, and her perspective gets better the further in you get. Charlie’s perspective was fascinating to me because it starts in the past, and details the lead-up to how she got to Cedar Lake, Virginia. Drew’s perspective was good as well, I enjoyed reading things from the cop’s standpoint.

It is a bit slow going at first, and I didn’t care much for Gwen initially, though she got more and more interesting as the story progressed. Honestly, this woman needs therapy badly. Anyway, the first half of this is a bit slow but picks up and eventually, the storylines come together and everything starts to make a lot of sense. The twists in this are fantastic and the last couple of chapters are jaw-dropping.

This is my first book by Mackenzie, and I loved it! I will definitely be checking out more of her works and you, dear readers, should definitely give this one a go if you enjoy psychological thrillers.

A very big thank you to Eva Mackenzie and R&R Book Tours for an ARC of this to read and review. I loved it!

This review is/will also be posted on Goodreads, Fathoms Amidst the Lines, and the FATL Bookstagram.

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