Cait’s Review of “City Lights, Starry Nights” by Kimberly Readnour

By: Cait Marie


Sizzling hot chemistry and surprises await this overzealous city girl and small-town, grumpy doctor.


Newly graduated, Evie finds herself broke and jobless with zero options.

That is until her friend from college convinces the older brother to hire her.

The problem?

The job is in Sugar Creek Falls, a small town in the middle of farm country—the complete opposite setting for this born-and-raised city girl.

But when she arrives and learns her new boss is the same gorgeous guy who got her fired, sparks ignite.

And not the good kind.

This job is just a means to get where she wants—a stepping stone to bigger things in bigger cities.

Or that’s the plan.

Until their chemistry can no longer be ignored, and Liam teaches her skills beyond office management.

When life shifts in Evie’s favor, her past catches up. Surprises and unveiled threats become real. And she finds herself facing choices where neither of them wins.


I love Readnour’s books, so I was super excited for this new release! It was fantastic too!

Evie and Liam get off to bad start, but then it turns out he’s her new boss… and she’s desperate for the job. This leads to a lot of tension in the office, which is always a lot of fun.

I’m a sucker for small town romances, not to mention enemies to lovers. This book was right up my alley, and I didn’t want to stop reading. Readnour does such a great job of bringing characters to life and letting readers connect with them. Even with side characters.

The romance was steamy without going overboard. I really enjoy how she uses those scenes to amp up the plot, not the other way around. They’re used at exactly the right time. This book had the perfect balance of tension, chemistry, and heat, while not being the focus of the story.

I loved being brought into this new world, and I cannot wait for more. Though, this is a complete standalone. I’m really hoping for a book about Liam’s sister, who’s Evie’s best friend.

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