Omega’s Affinity (Fairhaven Academy Book 2)

Author: Cara Bryant
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In a world where omegas are meant to be meek and powerless, I stand to become the strongest mage in centuries.

If I survive.

Magic flows through my veins–so powerful that my father locked it away. So powerful he would have destroyed me to keep me from claiming it.

With the help of my sweet beta tutor and the bad boy mage I can’t seem to get over, I unwound the mystery of what my father did to me. In the arms of the imperious professor who I thought despised me, I found my magic again.

I’ve found something just as precious, too: love.

And it could all be ripped away in an instant.

Secrets and lies lurk in the halls of the academy that should be my safe haven, and the enemies that were once at the illustrious academy’s gates now hide within its walls.

But I have secrets of my own. I’m not the innocent omega my father sent away to Fairhaven Academy. As my power grows, I discover magic no mage is meant to have: an affinity so dangerous, many will seek to control me–or kill me.

I won’t back down.

Not without a fight.

Omega’s Affinity is a dark paranormal academy sweet omegaverse romance where the heroine will end up with a pack of mages who can’t resist her. This is the second of five books in the series with a guaranteed series HEA. Book 2 ends on a cliffhanger. Contains dark themes and adult situations.

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