Cait’s ARC Review of “Fae’s Enemy” by M. Lynn & Melissa A. Craven

By: Cait Marie


A Dark Fae trying to make things right.

A human girl wondering how it all went so wrong.

Don’t trust the humans.

It’s a new sentiment among the fae. For most of his life, the few humans he’s known have been like family. So how does their entire world want those like Gullie destroyed?

The secret is out.

Fae exist and the humans believe Magic threatens their way of life.

The once-fringe cult that has spent years terrorizing the fae—and killing any humans that got in the way—now has the backing of governments and the media.

Their goal? Keep the fae out of our world.

What they really mean? Destroy them all.

Gulliver refuses to give up on the communities of fae scattered across human cities.

And he’ll never give up on Sophie. Whether she’s taking up residence in the queen’s lavish Iskaltian rooms, or sitting by her father’s side as he plans to annihilate the fae, Gulliver has to reach her. He has to make her see there’s another way.

There might be a tail coming from his behind. His eyes might be more familiar to a cat, and he might live in a world of vanishing villages and healing waters, but all Gulliver wants is for his home to remain safe and those fae who choose to make the human world their home to have that same safety.

Even if he has to lose her to hate.

Even if he has to face a warzone of bombs and guns, and the destruction of every taco he holds dear.

The fate of both worlds is now up to him … magicless Gulliver O’Shea.


This series has such a firm hold on my heart. I cannot believe there’s only one book left!

To clarify, in case you don’t know or haven’t seen my other reviews, this series is made up of multiple trilogies. So, while this is book 11 in the series overall, it’s book 2 in Gullie’s trilogy. Each trilogy can technically be read on its own. But you should read Fae’s Envoy (book 10) before this one for things to make sense.

I don’t fully know how to review this book, to be super honest. It’s always difficult when it comes to a sequel because I don’t want to say too much about the plot.

What I will say is that the characters and world building are phenomenal. Lynn and Craven have built up this fae world so well, and it’s been really fun seeing it expanded. Gulliver is absolutely the best, as always. We also get to see a lot of familiar faces from past books, which was great.

They’re all gearing up for war, essentially. The humans want the fae out of their world, and Gulliver and friends aren’t going to stand by and do nothing. Except, now, they have the daughter of one of the human leaders kind of on their side.

Sophie is such a wonderful addition to the series. I just adore her. She’s gone through so much, and now she’s trying to decide which side of this impending war she’s on and whether she can move past all she’s been taught about the fae growing up.

If it’s not clear, I loved this book. I’d highly recommend it if you enjoy YA or clean NA fantasy. It’s an amazing sequel that’s well written, and it does a great job of leading us to what’s sure to be an epic finale. I cannot wait to see how the authors wrap up this series in the next book!

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