Cait’s Review of “Fae’s Envoy” by M. Lynn and Melissa A. Craven

By: Cait Marie


A fae on a mission to protect his people.
A human girl on the brink of death.

With a sentient tail and cat-like eyes, Gulliver O’Shea has always been different, and everyone can see it. Except for his best friend, the queen of Iskalt. She treats him like he matters. So, when she says jump, he flies. And when she asks him to travel through a portal to a strange human city and gather information on a dangerous group attacking fae, he… reluctantly realizes he has no choice.
He just didn’t expect he would have to bring along a sullen Toby—lost after the death of his intended—or that New Orleans would be so much more frightening than the small human farm he was used to visiting.
Gulliver’s obsession with everything human brings him face to face with a girl unlike any he’s ever met before. Sophie-Ann Devereaux. She’s kind and clumsy and… sick. So sick he knows her frail human body won’t last much longer.
The closer he gets to the humans behind the fae attacks, the more he realizes what he’s done. He’s failed Tia. Lost his mission. Become as useless as he always feared he was. Because the waitress, the one fading from this world, isn’t just a random human girl. Her father is the man Gullie was sent to find. Together with his second in command, they intend to erase the fae from their world. And they’ll resort to any means necessary to see it done.

From an accidental carjacking to an unhealthy obsession with beignets and cute human girls with blue hair, Gulliver embarks on an adventure of a lifetime in Fae’s Envoy.


When I tell you I am obsessed with this series… oof. I absolutely love it, and somehow, these authors just keep building up this magnificent world and story.

I’ve been a huge Gullie fan since he showed up as a little 12-year-old (ish) thief in book four. Now, he’s an adult with his own trilogy! I was so excited to jump into his adventure, and it did not disappoint.

Adult Gullie is as lovable as ever, with his lighthearted attitude and overly caring personality. In this book, he is sent to the human realm, where he meets Sophie. The girl he can’t help but be drawn to… and the daughter of the man who’s leading a group that kills fae.

We also get to see a grieving Toby, who is supposed to be helping Gullie on his mission to find this group. And his story is just heartbreaking. He wasn’t in this book quite as much as I’d hoped, but I think he will be a bigger focus in the next one.

This book is intense and a great lead into this new portion of the series. It’s definitely a slow burn, but I’m sure it will be worth it. The shenanigans are amusing and fun, the characters are well rounded out, and I’m really looking forward to the next book! Can’t wait!

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