Heather’s Review of “Cindi’s Christmas Prince” by Aria Starling

By: Heather Dowell

*Originally posted on Heather’s blog.

Cindi is property of the noble Xu family.

Just one of many human slaves in the galaxy.

Lette is a charming khin prince.

When they meet on the street, neither admit their true identities.

Or their instant spark of attraction.

Time and time again, fate twists them together and that spark becomes a fire.

A fire Cindi’s owner will do anything to douse, including selling Cindi to a much worse owner.

The night of the masquerade ball, Cindi has a choice.

Will she risk her owner’s wrath by telling Lette her true identity? Will he still want her when he learns that she’s a slave impersonating a lady? Or will her fairytale come crashing down around her?

Cindi’s Christmas Prince is a loose interpretation of Cinderella set in space with a handsome, curious, and charming khin prince who will make you swoon. Hot aliens, steam, and a guaranteed HEA.


I never thought I’d be a fan of alien romance, but Aria has made a fan out of me. This is an alien/human romance where the human is a slave to an affluent alien family of another species. When all the noble aliens are invited to a royal ball where the prince will choose his mate, she’s dragged along with her owner.

Unaware of who the prince is, she quickly makes a lasting impression by speaking freely. This makes him have only her on his list of suitors. Too bad her owner would sale her off to the highest bidder if she ever found out. And the prince himself may punish her if he finds out she’s only a slave.

I really loved the romance in this one. I also liked the other princess. She had the mc’s back, and I’m really excited to see her own love story with the beast unfold.

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