Hearts Ablaze: The Ripples We Create

Author: Joan Aubele
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To Joan’s pleasant surprise, her memoir, The Dance reaches Amazon’s Number One Hot New Release spot within four days of publication. Joan’s true and moving testimony of miracles and the power of prayer have created ripples as far as France, Egypt, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

Julie, her local librarian, amongst many others, urges Joan to write a follow-up book. “You need to share the effects of that best-selling book, and all its’ created.” And so, ladies and gentlemen, Hearts Ablaze – The Ripples We Create is born.

This compilation of short stories from pivotal life happenings that Joan has witnessed in her travels is sure to inspire. Hearts Ablaze truly demonstrates how God is forever placing people in our path to ultimately fulfill His master plan. As you immerse into each story, you’ll quickly realize that you are in fact already creating ripples.

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