The Missing Crown (The Nihryst Book 4)

Author: Cait Marie
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A crown prince. A missing princess. A friendship stronger than any spell.

Kal’s best friend is gone. His cousin Elin, the one person in the world who truly understands him, has vanished with almost no trace.

Despite having few leads, Kal and a crew set out, willing to sail to the ends of the world to bring the princess home. Even if it means fighting pirates and accepting help from the mysterious stranger who saves his life—a fierce and beautiful woman named Zinnia.

Riley’s life is a simple one. Nothing ever happens in her quaint village until a stranger arrives. Logan is unlike the others; he’s lived an exciting, adventurous life. The kind she desperately wants.

So, when her overprotective grandmother is called away, Riley convinces him to cross the kingdom with her to the solstice celebration near the sea.

But the farther Riley travels, the more she realizes something is wrong. There are gaps in her memory she’s scared to examine too closely. Dreams of a man with bright blue eyes searching for her.

The Missing Crown is the fourth book in this action-packed, fairytale retelling series. With pirates, thieves, witches, and rebels, these new characters are carrying out adventures worthy of those who came before them!

The Nihryst Reading Order:
1. The Lost Legends
2. The Lost Prince
3. The Lost Alliance
3.5. The Lost Dreams (A Collection of Nihryst Short Stories)
4. The Missing Crown
5. The Missing Legacy

Also Available:
The Nihryst: Complete Trilogy
The Lost Warrior (short story also included in The Lost Dreams)
The Lost Home (short story also included in The Lost Dreams)
The Lost Honor (short story also included in The Lost Dreams)

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