Wedded to the Warlord: A Steamy Fantasy Romance (Song of the Four Kingdoms Book 1)

Author: Sirena Knighton
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The Butcher of Borviel seeks a bride…

She thinks he’s an uncivilized brute who only knows war and killing.
He thinks she’s nothing more than a pampered princess.

When a princess from the East and a warlord from the West are forced into an arranged marriage to cement an alliance between their kingdoms, they have to learn to get along – or thousands will die.

With opponents to the alliance in both Merovia and Raavia, and their own conflicting personalities constantly clashing, their marriage seems doomed to fail. Can these two royal pawns fight their fate and find love?

❤️ Arranged marriage
❤️ Forced proximity
❤️ Slow-burn romance
❤️ Opposites attract
❤️ Grumpy and sunshine
❤️ ‘Only one bed’
❤️ ‘Why can’t I hate you?’

Wedded to the Warlord is Book 1 in the Song of the Four Kingdoms, a steamy fantasy romance series.

Bridgerton meets The Lord of the Rings in this set of standalone high fantasy romance novels. Alpha male elves. Strong heroines. Possessive warlords. Chivalrous knights. Court politics. Happy Endings!

Pick this book for steamy sexy times, slow-burn romance, and a swoon-worthy couple! Perfect for fans of Grace Draven, Elise Kova, Lexi Ryan, and webtoons like ‘Under the Oak Tree’ and ‘Light and Shadow’ looking for diverse fantasy romance.

Content warning: Adult language, mild violence, adult romantic situations. There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and a happily-ever-after ending is guaranteed.

Tropes: Arranged marriage, marriage of convenience, slow burn, opposites attract, anti-hero, grumpy and sunshine, only one bed, why can’t I hate you, forced proximity

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