Wild Soul : Vargree Shifters Book 2

Author: Evelyn Shine
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Is it too late for true love?

As leader of pack Seidhr, Signe spends every waking moment ensuring their survival. Even her upcoming marriage with Nikolai, the leader of pack Vanir, is only meant to unite Vahaya City, not provide her with a true mate. All that changes when she locks eyes with the young pack Odr leader, Veikka. With a glance, he cuts through her carefully constructed walls to the woman within.

Veikka struggles with an age-old rift among his people. The moment he meets Signe, he knows she’s his, the other half of his soul. He must claim her, even if their bond threatens the unity between packs that Signe has been working so hard to achieve.

Accepting Veikka could destroy everything Signe has planned. The magic in her wild soul is dangerous and violent. She fears she’ll hurt him if he’s close to her. Can Veikka overcome Signe’s insecurities and convince her to work as his partner before opposing forces destroy their world, or will old grudges and hardened hearts keep them from embracing the love of a lifetime?

“It’s not easy being a queen. Signe, the wolf-shifter leader of Vahaya City, must deal with growing social unease among her citizens, form alliances with new packs, and handle dangerous threats from both outside and within the realm… all while navigating a passionate new romance with her lifemate, Veikka. Sparks fly and political intrigue runs high in this steamy paranormal tale.” Brittany M., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing

“Signe and Veikka, leaders of their respective packs, feel a connection the instant they meet. Veikka knows they are soul mates. Signe, though, is terrified to admit it. She’s centuries older than Veikka and convinced their age difference matters, but what weighs most heavily on Signe’s heartsick soul is a dark truth about her powers that she doesn’t dare share with Veikka.” Sarah C., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

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