Heather’s Review of “The Playboy Alien Prince” by Aria Starling

By: Heather Dowell

*Originally posted on Heather’s blog.

Val’s a scientist determined to save Yons and humans from extinction. 

He’s a playboy prince with only one thing on his mind . . .

They’re crazy attracted to each other. 

The problem? 

Qer has a reputation among the ladies. One Val hates.

And the emperor of Ittux and Earth has already chosen 25 potential brides for his son. 

Val isn’t one of them. She’s actually contracted to protect the women’s rights.

No one disobeys the emperor.

Will they?

The Playboy Alien Prince is an opposites attract alien romance set on Earth. If you like whip-smart heroines and sexy-as-hell heroes who will do anything for the lady they desire, you’ll love The Playboy Alien Prince.


This book was so good. The characters had instant chemistry and the descriptions were amazing. Instead of coming off as crass at times, it was just super sexy without the cringe. The girl main character loves her job, and she doesn’t want to risk it over a hot prince. He has a responsibility to marry and have heirs, but he’s distracted from the mission because of his feelings for her.

I absolutely loved watching their interactions with each other and their thought processes when they were apart. The plot itself, beyond the romance elements, was also interesting. I definitely want to see more into the world, and I hope one of the future books takes place on their home planet. Others and being steamy, the book was also extremely funny. I loved all of the side characters, and I want to see romances for them with aliens.

And of course the writing itself was really good. I whipped through the book. I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

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