Manuela’s Review of “Cold Dresses” by David Pelletier

By: Manuela Soares

Thanks to (*the now defunct) Hurn Publications and Author David Pelletier for a digital copy of this.

Chloe Westfield wants nothing more than the past to remain just that. Unfortunately for her, the past has a way of creeping up when it’s least expected or wanted and turning life upside down. After the unexpected delivery containing a dress pattern and mysterious card, Chloe returns to her hometown of Heavendale to face the past and finally get answers to old questions and ones she didn’t know to ask. This is an excellent combination of mystery, suspense, a bit of romance, some realism, and a smidge of the paranormal; this was a gripping page-turner that leaves readers hanging on till the very end.

I originally got this last year, and while I read it at the time, I never finished writing this review. I recently re-read it and was just as into it as I was when I read it the first time. The characters are well written (though there is one character that’s a bit weird) and make the story believable. It’s relatively quick paced but it doesn’t go overboard, and it’s well thought out and doesn’t give things away. For a debut novel featuring a female lead, that’s written by a man, this is a fantastic book. It’s got an absolute “WHAT?!” twist at the end that is brilliantly done and will leave you reeling.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and if this is how Pelletier’s style is across the board, I look forward to his future works.

* So, I just went to look some links up for this and came across some not-so-great news about this book. Unfortunately, the publisher went under last year with little to no notice to its authors, and the author of this, David Pelletier, put up an Instagram post asking people not to buy this book due to it. So, while it is still available on Amazon and other sites in physical form, please don’t purchase it, as I have no idea where the proceeds will be going.

This review will also be posted on Fathoms Amidst the Lines and Goodreads.

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