Fall From Grace (The Grace McDonald Series Book 1)

Author: Susan Kraus
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Some marriages end with a bang …

Grace McDonald feels blessed: she has a strong marriage, healthy kids, and satisfying work as a therapist. And she has no idea how easily is can all be lost.

Some marriages end with a whimper…

For Mandy, marrying a hunk like Danny Rivers is a dream come true. So, when Danny treats her badly, she does what millions of women do to keep their families intact… she makes excuses and puts up with it. Until, one day, she reaches out for help.

But in every marriage, without exception, the beginning of the end is a secret…

From Grace crosses genres. It is a psychological thriller, but where characters trump action. At the core is a murder, but more compelling is what happens to an array of relationships — friendships, families, therapist/client — in the aftermath. Pitting integrity against DNA and intuition against evidence, Fall From Grace challenges our middle class illusions of control and assumptions about who will stand by us when we’re faced with the unthinkable.

In Fall From Grace, Book One of the Grace McDonald series, both Grace and her young, divorced client are tested, culminating in consequences both cataclysmic and bittersweet. Author Susan Kraus introduces readers to a protagonist and ensemble cast that will compel a return visit.

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