Heather’s Review of “Masking the Love” by Cait Marie

By: Heather Dowell


Kade is living a secret life. So, when he sees someone being bullied for the same thing he’s hiding from the world, he can’t help but step in. Even if it’s the star pitcher from his rival baseball team.

What starts as an unlikely friendship grows into something more. The only problem is, even years later, Kade still isn’t ready to come out. He’s tried to keep things casual, to pretend he isn’t falling in love with his best friend, but it’s getting more difficult with each passing day.

Especially when he sees how much the secrets are hurting Brent.

Will Kade and Brent find their happily ever after? Find out in this Bennu Firebirds short story!


OMG this love story is everything. I knew what would happen since I already read Jax and Kaley’s book, but that didn’t keep me from being gripped by every page of this one. No one does romance like Cait Marie. I think I cry in every book at least once, at happy and sad moments. I can’t get enough of her characters. They feel like soulmates and the conflicts bring them closer together. Definitely an auto-buy author for me. I don’t need a blurb or specific genre (which she writes in multiples of), I’m in and will probably continue reading everything she writes until one of us dies. She’s that good.

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